Made In A Day: Sneakers

National Geographic documentary on the production of New Balance Sneakers


Bifrost experimentation


3D gorilla built as a test XGEN training

McDonalds GTA

CGI logos developed for McDonalds famous 'Taste of America

Samsung Q Style FishTank

Digital environment developed for the Samsung Q Style online marketing materials

Heely’s Trainer

Fully digital trainer created for fun during my downtime in the office...

Protected: Novartis – Books

Mixed content campaign for showing the positive effects of the Novartis inhaler treatment

Heineken: Wild Lager

Wild Lager advertising campaign on social media


3D game engine asset. Created for AR at Aurasma

Parcels to Go

images for online marketing material

Abstract Cloth

Ncloth & Displacement Maps RND

Shockwave Gear

Product Visualisation

Two Face

Batman Series - ZBrush Sculpt

Protected: Becel

Marketing campaign for Becel products in Europe.

Protected: Onyx

promotional video for advertising the contour product.

Protected: Philips

promotional video for a new product...

Royal Mail – Padlock

Print/Marketing/Product material campaign

Matrix: Sentinal

High resolution model developed at Aurasma based on the iconic robots from the Matrix Triology Films.

Halo: Master Chief

3D character animation of the iconic 'Masterchief


Texturing of props and character Blendshape development for the Just-Eat TV advertising spot


Digital model based on the iconic car from Back to the Future