The last decade has seen a revolution in manufacturing. A just in time economy means the products we love are being made on a massive scale in record time. While lightening logistics mean global trade and distribution happens faster than ever. This is the story of how some of today’s biggest brands, from Tesla Cars to Gibson Guitars, from Tabasco Sauce to Space Rockets, are made in America.

…National Geographic (

Tesla reveal how high-tech automation, done by an army of robots, together with teams of skilled employees and global logistics come together to build the Model 3 electric car.

…National Geographic (

Weave  VFX were commissioned to generate high quality visuals of a fully CG Tesla Model 3 to convey the complexity of the manufacturing process and where each of the globally sourced components integrate within the vehicle. The detailed electric drive train and battery systems were custom built to enhance the car model and was worked up in a fully CG environment.

Autodesk Maya 2018.5, Adobe Photoshop CC, Substance Painter, Foundry Nuke 10.5, Adobe After Effects CC

Executive Producer: Julian Thomas, Erika Dodd, Donna Clark. Series Edit Producer Tania McKeown

Directed By: James Howard, James Millar, Rob Kaplan, Sam Mortimore

Weave VFX:  Jason White (Creative Director)

Matt Barker (VFX Producer)

CG Elements & CG Compositing: Chris Lovell

Labels: Jordan Cadby & Andrew Scarrott