The last decade has seen a revolution in manufacturing.A just in time economy means the products we love are being made on a massive scale in record time. While lightening logistics mean global trade and distribution happens faster than ever. This is the story of how some of today’s biggest brands, from Tesla Cars to Gibson Guitars, from Tabasco Sauce to Space Rockets, are made today.

…National Geographic

The story of a rocket from metal sheets to a 1.3 million pound-heavy taxi service to the stars. With opportunities and benefits to all mankind, it’s open season in space with rocket missions set toward a trillion dollar economy in the next 20 years. US heavyweight rocket builder, ULA is at the cutting edge of final frontier exploration.

…National Geographic

Weave VFX was commissioned to create a fully CG ULA space rocket to help explain the complex manufacturing process and where the components which are sourced from all over the world fit within the design.

The final delivery consisted of multiple fully CG shots which where used throughout the documentary.

Maya 20118.5, Nuke, Mari, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects

Executive Producers: Julian Thomas, Erika Dodd, Donna Clark. Series Edit Producer Tania McKeown

Directed By: James Howard, James Millar, Rob Kaplan, Sam Mortimore

Weave VFX: Jason White (Creative Director)

Matt Barker (VFX Producer)

CG Elements & CG Composing: Chris Lovell

Labels: Jordan Cadby & Andrew Scarrott