“Continuing our work with BMB on Samsungs QLED TV campaign, this concept was about exploring rich colours the QLED TV’s are famous for. The original idea was to actually paint physical rooms all one colour. While being fun and potentially very messy it was a challenge for the projects scope. So the best solution was taking production into our Digital Studio. So we packed away the camera and paintbrushes for this round.

We designed and developed six house hold rooms reflecting different styles of lifestyle for Sumsungs customers. The TV’s being the focal point and a single key colour dominating the room and all its surfaces.

The production started with CGI 3D architecture which flowed through the numerous steps of lighting, photo real texturing, colouring and finally retouching for the desired deliverable formats.”


The Operators Creative Ltd.

Maya 2017, Photoshop

3D elements: Christopher Lovell

Retouching: Scott Freeman, James O’Neil