“The notion of a secret garden mixed with the vibrant buzz of an evening in soho sounds, at first, like a curious dream. But Soho Garden is exactly this. Located at the prestigious Meydan Racecourse, fifteen minutes from the centre of Dubai, it is a vast and cosmopolitan enclave on the edge of the city and a dazzling concept of style and variety.
Part urban street scene with bars, restaurants, clubs nights, street vendors and urban artists and part overgrown garden furnished with pools, courtyards and dramatic views, Soho Garden is a genuine melting pot of elegant experiences. Curated for Dubai’s discerning pleasure seekers who want more than ever to explore, discover, share and indulge within a thriving and authentically rich environment, it is the ultimate entertainment destination – a playground made for the 21st century.”
…GBH London
Agency: GBH London
Client: Soho Garden, Dubai
Animation: Jonathan Lax
Sculpting: Christopher Lovell
Lighting, Environment: Jonathan Lax