Christopher Lovell




What real creative freedom feels like in a theme

Chris worked as a Modeller in our Creative Team at Aurasma. His dedication and professionalism were a very valuable asset and he was a pleasure to have around. The team was young and so it was not unusual to see Chris using his experience to guide his colleagues, helping people to grow their own skills without it affecting his own work. Chris' attention to detail is second to none and although he sets his bar high, he is more than capable of meeting tight deadlines.

Chris Burgess, Aurasma

Our experience of working with Chris was exceptionally rewarding, he combines conceptual awareness with technical brilliance and a flare for realizing an artistic vision. He is the only the designer we have on speed dial.

Don Mc Camphill, Creative Producer Disturbance

Chris’s contribution was instrumental in helping take Aurasma from a start up to the world’s most successful augmented reality platform. Chris worked ridiculously long hours, was dedicated, imaginative, hugely supportive and brilliant at his job.

Martina King, Managing Director Aurasma